Guardian Homes

Guardian Homes

Welcome to our Guardian Program! A guardian home provides many benefits for the guardian family, the breeder and most importantly the dog.

What exactly is a Guardian Home?

A guardian family is a place where one of our Australian Labradoodle dogs or puppies chosen specially for Legend Labradoodle breeding program lives as a wonderful family dog. Legend Labradoodles retains all breeding rights and the guardian family gets a pet for a reduced fee. The dog or puppy will live with you and come to Legend Labradoodles only when required testing needs to be done, when its time to be bred or when if female she is ready to have her puppies. Once the guardian dog has completed his/her career it will be spayed or neutered at the breeders expense and the dog will then remain as a forever pet to the guardian.

What is the cost to being a Guardian?

Guardian Home families are responsible for general veterinary care and wellness of the puppy /dog placed with them, that includes annual vaccines, feeding it high quality dog food, grooming, heartworm, flea and tick prevention, exercise, socialization, training, and lots of love and care!

Any breeding related medical costs for the guardian dog are at the expense of Legend Labradoodles. Our guardian homes are only responsible for the maintenance and medical care just as they would their own dogs.

Requirements of Becoming a Guardian Home.

Guardian family must live within 50 miles of Greensboro, NC. Guardian dogs/puppies must be indoor dogs and families must provide a secure and safe environment with a fenced yard, and have a schedule that will allow your puppy/dog not to be left alone for extensive periods.

Benefits of a Guardian Home

A guardian home gets the very best of an Australian Labradoodle typically the “pick of the litter” , chosen based on the best qualities of this unique breed with their temperament coming first at a reduced cost! Guardian families receive their guardian puppy/dog completely tested or getting health tested for breeding at the expense of Legend Labradoodles.

Guardian homes get to enjoy the excitement of being part of our breeding program and see the offspring of their very own guardian dog, Lastly, guardian families ensure that guardian dog/puppy are raised and socialized in a good, loving environment.

If you have any questions, concerns or  interested in applying to become a Guardian family please contact us in the contact link or email us at or call us at (336)362-0100.