About Us

Legend Manor Australian Labradoodles is the home of Mike and Pam Kirkpatrick and our Labradoodle family. We are an authentic Australian Labradoodle in home breeder located in Greensboro, NC.  After having Labrador Retriever’s in our home for many years, we found the  Australian Labradoodle had the same love and affection with the plus of being very low to non shedding and allergy friendly!

After many months of research we also realized the difference of the Australian Labradoodle and the American Labradoodle and decided to breed only authentic multigenerational Australian Labradoodles. So we reached out across the country for the best breeding quality dogs from some of the best breeders in the country.  Our Stud boy, Whispering Winds Ruskin comes to us from Grace George of Green Gables, bred by Gail Widman, Owner of Whispering winds Labradoodles and is the founder of the Australian Labradoodles Club of America. Our Girl, Shadow Mountain Ginger was bred by Charl Beauchat  at Shadow Mountain Labradoodles.  Our dogs are registered and certified with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America.

Our Mission is to breed genetically sound dogs while adhering to the standards set forth by the Australian club of America, breeding sound healthy puppies with allergy friendly, non shedding coats and wonderful temperaments excelling in gentleness, trainability, love and sweet demeanor. There is nothing like snuggling up close to your Australian Labradoodle who are affectionate and forever your best friend!